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  • 2011 Latino Poverty Analysis 

    NCLR (2012-09-01)
    On September 12, 2012, the U.S. Census Bureau released new data measuring poverty in the U.S. during 2011. The statistics show that poverty declined among Latinos but was unchanged among all Americans. Latinos were the ...
  • 2012 Data Latino Poverty Analysis 

    NCLR (2013-09-17)
    Data shows poverty and income among Latinos remains unchanged.
  • 2015 NCLR Annual Report 

    NCLR (2016-04-21)
    After a promising start, 2015 ended up being a challenging year for the Latino community. Yet despite these obstacles, our Affiliates and advocates achieved some great accomplishments, the least of which includes the passage ...
  • 2016 NCLR Annual Report 

    NCLR (NCLR, 2017-05-05)
    We are at a pivotal moment in our nation’s history and it’s more important now than ever that we remain committed to being the voice of the Latino community. If the last 49 years have taught us anything, it’s that when ...
  • 2017 UnidosUS Annual Report 

    UnidosUS (UnidosUS, 2018-06-07)
    This is our first annual report as UnidosUS. At our Annual Conference in Phoenix last July, we announced that the National Council of La Raza would become UnidosUS. To us, Unidos is more than just a new name. Unidos is a ...
  • 2018 UnidosUS Annual Report 

    UnidosUS (UnidosUS, 2019-06-24)
    Our Legacy, Our Future
  • A New Strategy for Building Wealth in Latino Communities 

    NCLR; Bowdler, Janis (NCLR, 2008-04-30)
    Presented before the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Financial Services, this testimony discusses the challenges faced by Latinos in financial markets and the role financial counseling plays in assisting them. ...
  • A Quick and Easy Guide: The Appropriations and Budget Process 

    NCLR (2009-04-16)
    The poor economy, a tight federal budget, and less foundation money make engagement in the federal budget and appropriations process more critical this year.
  • An Acceptable Tax Deal Should Help All Working Families without Punishing Taxpaying Immigrants 

    NCLR (2015-12-01)
    As the year draws to a close, lawmakers in Washington are hoping to strike a deal that would extend expiring tax credits for businesses and for millions of hardworking families, many of them Latino.
  • Advancing Retail Initiative Best Practices 

    UnidosUS (UnidosUS, 2018-09-07)
    The UnidosUS Advancing Retail Workers Initiative supports organizations and programs that help individuals start or advance on a career path in the customer service or retail sector. Our most recent cycle of this Initiative ...
  • After Decades of Exclusion, Victory for Home Care Workers 

    Román, Stephanie (2015-11-12)
    After a hard-fought legal battle, nearly two million home care workers in the United States have secured their right to critical federal minimum wage and overtime protections. This win for home care workers and advocates ...
  • After Stimulus: Sustainable Economic Security for Latinos 

    Singley, Catherine; NCLR (2008-03-04)
    While the economic stimulus demonstrated Congress's willingness to work in a bipartisan manner, the final bill did not guarantee economic stability for most Americans.  This white paper examins how Latinos in particular ...
  • Agenda for Building Wealth in a Troubled Economy: Symposium on Latino Wealth-Building Opportunities 

    Bowdler, Janis (2008-05-09)
    Symposium on Latino Wealth-Building Opportunities
  • AgJOBS Fact Sheet in Spanish 

    NCLR (2007-05-03)
    AgJOBS,” la Ley de Seguridad, Beneficios y Oportunidades de Trabajo Agrícola, es una propuesta de ley de inmigración que proporcionaría una fuerza de trabajo estable y legal a los empleadores agrícolas, a la vez que ...
  • America’s Future: Latino Child Well-Being in Numbers and Trends 

    Foxen, Patricia (2010-04-28)
    America's Future: Latino Child Well-Being in Numbers and Trends was produced by the National Council of La Raza (NCLR) and the Population Reference Bureau (PRB). This data book offers a comprehensive overview of the state ...
  • Analysis of President’s Fiscal Year 2010 Budget Plan 

    Torres, Marisabel (2009-08-06)
    Analysis of the President's Fiscal Year 2010 Federal Budget Plan. This document highlights proposed funding for federal programs contained in President Obama's federal budget, providing analysis of investments in Latino ...
  • Are Mortgage Servicers Following the New Rules? 

    Wilberg Ricks, Nancy (2015-01-08)
    Are Mortgage Servicers Following the New Rules?  A Snapshot of Compliance with CFPB Servicing Standards Fact sheet discussing NCLR and partner National Housing Resource Center (NHRC) survey results.
  • Auto Roundtable Proceedings 

    NCLR (2009-08-09)
    These proceedings capture the major themes discussed during the Auto Roundtable, hosted by the National Council of La Raza (NCLR) at its 2007 Annual Conference in Miami, Florida. Participants examined how auto market ...
  • Beyond the Classroom: Creating Pathways to College and Careers for Latino Youth 

    Mirabal, Frank A.; Steve, Lucero (2010-02-17)
    This report is the result of a collaborative effort between the National Council of La Raza (NCLR) and Contigo Research, Policy, and Strategy (Contigo), which is a social business that provides research, policy, and strategic ...
  • Bright Green: Five Metropolitan Areas Where the Latino Workforce and the Clean Economy Overlap 

    Singley, Catherine; NCLR (2013-02-06)
    The growth of the Latino workforce and the push toward environmental sustainability will both define the future of the American economy. This report compares the occupational and educational profiles of the Hispanic workforce ...