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  • Economic Priorities for Women of Color 

    UnidosUS (UnidosUS, 2019-07-01)
    This fact sheet illustrates three emerging economic priorities for women of color—wage inequality, access to paid leave, and access to child care. It is intended to serve as a resource to policymakers and stakeholders.
  • Employer-Based Pension Plans: How Latinos Fare 

    NCLR (2008-02-13)
    This fact sheet highlights inequalities in access and participation that Latinos face in use of employer-sponsored retirement savings plans.
  • Latinos and the Great Recession: 10 Years of Economic Loss and Recovery 

    UnidosUS (UnidosUS, 2019-03-18)
    Policies aimed at supporting working families in the last decade have enabled communities across the county to rebuild their lives after the economic downturn of the Great Recession. This analysis focuses on select demographic ...
  • Monthly Latino Employment Report: Feeding the Economic Recovery 

    NCLR (2011-05-06)
    This monthly Latino employment report shows that Latino workers are contributing to the food services industry, one of the only sectors that added jobs in May 2011.  Yet, low wages and substandard working conditions raise ...
  • Monthly Latino Employment Report: Labor Day 2011 

    NCLR (2011-09-02)
    This Labor Day issue of the Monthly Latino Employment Report reviews how the Latino workforce is vital to several major industries that have added jobs in recent months. Overshadowing this progress, however, is the prevalence ...
  • Monthly Latino Employment Report: The Price of Luxury 

    Singley, Catherine (2011-08-05)
    Latinos represent a significant share of workers in the hotel and accommodation industry.  This industry has posted mainly positive employment growth over the past six months.  However, low wage and high injury rates for ...
  • NCLR Affiliate Comments on The Department of Labor’s Proposed Overtime Rule 

    NCLR Affiliate Network (2015-09-03)
    Latino-led, Latino-serving nonprofit community organizations from across the country submit a letter of support for the Department of Labor's proposed rule to expand overtime pay protections. These organizations form the ...
  • NCLR Comments on The Department of Labor’s Proposed Overtime Rule 

    NCLR (2015-09-03)
    The National Council of La Raza (NCLR) strongly supports the Wage and Hour Division's proposal to update the salary level test for determining exemption from minimum wage and overtime pay protections under the Fair Labor ...
  • Profiles of the Latino Workforce: How Important is Unionization to Latinos? 

    NCLR (2010-05-03)
    The labor movement has historically enabled workers to organize for positive change in the workplace by compelling employers to abide by the law and strive to improve job quality.  Union membership and coverage by a ...
  • Raise the Wage! A $12 Federal Minimum Wage Would Benefit 8.5 Million Latino Workers 

    Román, Stephanie (2015-07-07)
    An unfair minimum wage disproportionately affects Latinos who are concentrated in low-wage jobs. Congress has not raised the federal minimum wage, currently $7.25 per hour, since 2009. Worse, the minimum wage for tipped ...
  • We Needed the Work: Latino Worker Voices in the New Economy 

    NCLR (2011-05-24)
    This publication is a collection of stories told to NCLR researchers by Latinos working in low-wage jobs throughout metropolitan Washington, DC.  They illustrate the vulnerability and lack of recourse for workers in the ...