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  • Insecure Retirements: Latino Participation in 401(k) Plans 

    Miranda, Leticia (2009-12-08)
    Insecure Retirements: Latino Participation in 401(k) Plans explains that, even in the best of times, 401(k) employer-sponsored retirement plans do not serve Latino workers well. Only one-third of Latinos work for companies ...
  • Latino Priorities for Improving the Private Retirement System 

    Miranda, Leticia (2010-04-28)
    A brief document outlining the reasons that traditional retirement savings vehicles, such as the 401(k), do not work for the Latino community. Also gives an overview of President Obama's Automatic IRA proposal.
  • Retirement Security for Latinos: Bolstering Coverage, Savings and Adequacy 

    Orszag, Peter R.; Rodriguez, Eric (2005-07-12)
    This paper documents retirement savings and adequacy trends among Latinos, explores ways of making it easier for Latinos to save, examines reforms to increase the incentives for Hispanics to save, and discusses the importance ...