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  • 2015 NCLR Annual Report 

    NCLR (2016-04-21)
    After a promising start, 2015 ended up being a challenging year for the Latino community. Yet despite these obstacles, our Affiliates and advocates achieved some great accomplishments, the least of which includes the passage ...
  • Affordable Care Act Threatened: What’s at Stake for Latinos 

    UnidosUS (UnidosUS, 2020-10-30)
    The Affordable Care Act remains a critical pathway to coverage for Latinos and remains in effect until a ruling is delivered. This fact sheet identifies the harms the Latino community would face if the ACA is struck down.
  • Affordable Housing in Texas: As Home Prices Rise, Homeownership Becomes Less Accessible for Latinos 

    UnidosUS (UnidosUS, 2018-10-26)
    Since the Great Recession, Hispanic Texans have made progress toward recovering their financial stability. However, for many, homeownership is growing further out of reach and renting is becoming the only option. Since the ...
  • Food Insecurity Among Hispanic Children and Families in Texas 

    UnidosUS (UnidosUS, 2021-01-14)
    State policymakers play an important role to address food insecurity in Hispanic children and families that is being exacerbated by COVID-19. This brief examines the nutrition landscape that Hispanic children face in Texas ...
  • Latino Child Uninsured Rates by Congressional District, 2018 

    UnidosUS; Georgetown University of Health Policy Institute (UnidosUS, 2020-09-22)
    Counties and Congressional districts with large Latino child populations are more likely to have large numbers of uninsured Latino children, but state and local policies have an impact on the coverage rates.
  • Latino Children’s Health Coverage Facts by State 

    UnidosUS; Georgetown University of Health Policy Institute (UnidosUS, 2020-07-23)
    State officials’ decisions about coverage options, especially in times of crises, have a profound effect on children and can exacerbate pre-existing racial and ethnic disparities. This fact sheet examines the Latino child ...
  • Latino Students and English Learners Fast Facts 2020 

    UnidosUS (UnidosUS, 2020-03-05)
    There are more than 13 million Latino students and 5 million English Learners in our nation’s public schools. Fairness and equity in education have long been core American values underlying the promise of equal opportunity ...
  • Latino Voters in the 2020 Election National Survey Results 

    UnidosUS (UnidosUS, 2020-11-05)
    Findings of the 2020 American Election Eve Poll with a specific focus on the 2020 vote choices and motivations of Latino/Latinx voters. More than 5,000 Latino voters were polled as part of the national sample, as well as ...
  • Latinos and Jobs: A Review of Ten States and Puerto Rico 

    Rodríguez, Eric; Martínez, Deirdre (NCLR, 1995-01-06)
    This research report is intended to be one step toward the examination of the experience of Latinos in JOBS nationally. Working within the constraints of limited national data on Hispanics in JOBS and AFDC, it profiles ...
  • Latinos in Texas: Protecting and Defending Progress in the Lone Star State 

    UnidosUS (UnidosUS, 2019-04-15)
    Hit particularly hard by the economic crisis, Hispanic Texans have seen commonsense policies put in place and their hard work begin to pay off following the Great Recession. Gains across several economic indicators point ...
  • Poll Results: Economic Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on Latinos in AZ, FL and TX 

    UnidosUS; Latino Decisions (UnidosUS, 2020-08-05)
    With the Senate deadlocked over the latest coronavirus relief package, Latinos across the country are hurting because of politicians’ failure to act. This report uncovers the results of a poll by UnidosUS/Latino Decisions ...
  • The State of Latino Nutrition in Texas: How Latino Children and Families Are Faring in the Lone Star State 

    NCLR; Thomsen, David (NCLR, 2016-11-30)
    A look at food insecurity, healthy food access, and the intersectionality of poverty and hunger in Latino community in Texas. This profile also looks at the disparities impacting the ability of Latino children and families ...
  • Texas Latino Students and English Learners Fast Facts 2019-20 

    UnidosUS (UnidosUS, 2021-02-09)
    Over the last decade, the number of Latino students in Texas public schools has increased by 3.3%. However, Latino students in the state do not see themselves reflected in the classroom and the 1.1 million English learners ...
  • Texas Latino Students in Higher Education Fast Facts 2019-20 

    UnidosUS (UnidosUS, 2021-02-09)
    Less than 45% of Texas’ economically disadvantaged students are considered college ready. However, Texas’ Top 10% Rule has managed to aid in increasing Latino and economically disadvantaged student enrollment, but the ...