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  • The Decade of the Hispanic: An Economic Retrospective 

    Miranda, Leticia; Teresa Quiroz, Julia (1990-03-05)
    Many observers predicted that the 1980s would be "The Decade of the Hispanic." In many ways, the name fit, from 1980 to 1989. The following report identifies seven trends which characterized Hispanics' economic situation ...
  • Latinos and Jobs: A Review of Ten States and Puerto Rico 

    Rodríguez, Eric; Martínez, Deirdre (NCLR, 1995-01-06)
    This research report is intended to be one step toward the examination of the experience of Latinos in JOBS nationally. Working within the constraints of limited national data on Hispanics in JOBS and AFDC, it profiles ...
  • Speaking Out Loud: Conversations with Young Puerto Rican Men 

    Pérez, Sonia M.; Cruz, Steven (1994-08-01)
    In an effort to draw attention to the strengths, needs, and status of young Puerto Rican men, the NCLR Poverty Project conducted a two-year community-based study on young Puerto Rican men and family poverty. This second ...