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  • Is Your Organization Ready for the Updated Overtime Pay Rule? 

    NCLR; National Employment Law Project (NELP); PathStone (NCLR, 2016-10-25)
    On May 18, 2016, the Department of Labor (DOL) expanded the overtime rule to include more employees. This means over 4 million new workers will now be eligible for overtime if they work more than 40 hours a week. Will your ...
  • Latino Views on the Car-Buying Experience 

    Daniels, Lindsay (2016-03-24)
    Results from a focus group on how Latinos view the experience of purchasing a vehicle.
  • On Shaky Ground: Poll of Latino Views on the Economy 

    Latino Decisions on behalf of NCLR (2014-07-21)
    The majority of Latino voters believe the economy is improving, but their own financial outlook has not. While their belief in the American Dream remains strong, large shares of Latino voters are anxious about losing a job ...
  • Presentation on NCLR/Latino Decisions National Poll of Latinos on the Economy 

    Manzano, Sylvia (2015-11-20)
    NCLR and Latino Decisions recently conducted a national poll of Latino voters asking them about the current state of the economy. The following slide deck was presented during the official launch of the poll.
  • Safe Food, Safe Workplaces 

    NCLR, Southern Poverty Law Center, Food & Water Watch, et. al. (2013-11-21)
    As millions of Americans sit down for Thanksgiving dinner this November, most don't think about what it takes for a turkey to make it from the farm to the table. But consumers may want to take a closer look, particularly ...
  • The Views of Latinos on the Economy, Health Care, and the 2016 Election 

    NCLR (NCLR, 2016-10-27)
    This document contains new polls of Latinos’ views on the economy and health care, as well as fresh numbers on Latino voters’ views on the presidential candidates and other key election topics.