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  • Falling Through The Cracks: Hispanic Underrepresentation in the Job Training Partnership Act 

    Romero, Fred Ph.D.; Gonzales, Judith M.A. (1989-02-06)
    This report investigates the problem of Hispanic underrepresentation under the Job Training Partnership Act (JTPA) by scrutinizing the statute's legislative and administrative framework for an explanation of this inequity ...
  • The Forgotten Two-Thirds: An Hispanic Perspective on Apprenticeship, European Style 

    McKay, Emily Gantz (1993)
    NCLR carried out an Hispanic Consultation on Apprenticeship in 1992, in order to add an informed Hispanic perspective to the current policy debate about the appropriateness of apprenticeships — and the applicability of a ...
  • Fractures in the Foundation: Chapter 1 

    Singley, Catherine (2009-08-31)
    Chapter 1:  Today's Latino Workforce:  Diverse and Growing. As the Hispanic workforce continues to grow, their labor market contributions become increasingly important to the economy as a whole; by 2050, it is expected ...
  • Fractures in the Foundation: Chapter 2 

    Singley, Catherine (2009-08-31)
    Chapter 2:  Bedrock of the Economy, Bottom of the Labor Market.  Broadly speaking, Latinos have the highest labor force participation rate of any racial or ethnic group, which means they are more likely to be employed or ...
  • Fractures in the Foundation: Chapter 3 

    Singley, Catherine (2009-08-31)
    Chapter 3:  Troubling Indicators of Job Quality.  Although individual workers may value one aspect of their job over another, policymakers have generally prioritized wages, benefits, and working conditions as the core ...
  • Fractures in the Foundation: Chapter 4 

    Singley, Catherine (2009-08-31)
    Chapter 4:  The Erosion of Job Quality:  An Historic Perspective.  Disparities in wages, benefits, and working conditions are even more pronounced for Hispanic immigrants, who make up 53.8% of the Latino workforce.
  • Fractures in the Foundation: Chapter 5 

    Singley, Catherine (2009-08-31)
    Chapter 5:  Major Issues Affecting Job Quality for Latinos.  This chapter explores the major issues that help explain the quality disparity Latinos face on the job.
  • Fractures in the Foundation: Chapter 6 

    Singley, Catherine (2009-08-31)
    Chapter 6: Rebuilding Job Quality for Latinos and All Workers.  As this report has shown, the Latino workforce as a whole faces immense disparities in job quality compared to their peers.  Indeed, much consideration and ...
  • Fractures in the Foundation: Executive Summary 

    Singley, Catherine (2009-09-01)
    Executive summary of the report Fractures in the Foundation:  The Latino Worker's Experience in an Era of Declining Job Quality.
  • Fractures in the Foundation: The Latino Worker’s Experience in an Era of Declining Job Quality 

    Singley, Catherine (2009-09-01)
    Based on an in-depth analysis of death on the job, wages, and employer-based benefits, this report exposes the severe erosion of job quality in America.  NCLR calls on Congress and the U.S. Department of Labor to restore ...
  • The Future of Banking 

    UnidosUS; PolicyLink (UnidosUS, 2019-06-04)
    The Future of Banking: Overcoming Barriers to Financial Inclusion for Communities of Color This report seeks to better understand the limitations of the current financial system and identify areas for innovation. It is ...
  • Getting In, Staying In: Community Perspectives on the Barriers to Latino Postsecondary Education 

    NCLR (2016-04-28)
    Proceedings for Town Hall on Higher Education at the 2015 National Council of La Raza Annual Conference July 11, 2015 • Kansas City, Missouri
  • Getting Started: Becoming Part of the Aids Solution 

    Fimbres, Manuel F.; Gantz McKay, Emily (1989-05-26)
    This guide for Hispanic community-based organizations will aid them in becoming effective partners in the AIDS education and prevention effort, then they need practical information on how to become involved—how to work ...
  • Global Evidence for Peer Support: Humanizing Health Care 

    Peers for Progress; NCLR (2014-09-17)
    Peer support presents a unique opportunity for health care planning and management. Clear evidence shows concrete benefits for individuals and systems, including cost-effectiveness. As an important humanizing force in ...
  • Heart Health in the Latino Community 

    Colas, Cynthia; Arroyo, Liany (2010-09-29)
    Based on the literature review and outline prepared by Tara Hacker and Britt Rios-Ellis.  In 2007, the National Council of La Raza (NCLR) partnered with Merck/Schering-Plough Pharmaceuticals to create educational materials ...
  • The Hispanic Elderly: A Demographic Profile 

    Cubillos, Herminia L.; Prieto, Margarita M. (1987-10-05)
    Statistical data describing the Hispanic elderly are limited, and much of the available information has not been published. This report is an attempt to describe and discuss the socioeconomic status of the Hispanic elderly, ...
  • The Hispanic Elderly: The Community's Response 

    Prieto, Margarita M.; Cubillos, Herminia L. (1989-07-03)
    Through case study analysis of eight Hispanic-run programs serving the Hispanic elderly in seven states, including focus group sessions with program administrators and elderly clients, the Council has attempted to learn ...
  • Hispanic Poverty: How Much Does Immigration Explain? 

    Quiroz, Julie (NCLR, 1990-04-20)
    This report synthesizes research related to both immigration and poverty and outlines some preliminary public policy conclusions. Drawing primarily on immigration research, this paper focuses on the labor market relationship ...
  • Hispanics and Health Insurance Volume 2: Analysis and Policy Implications 

    Labor Council for Latin American Advancement; NCLR; Aguilera, Esther (1992-09-21)
    This volume is designed to further analyze the data presented in Volume 1: identifying the most critical gaps in coverage, including private versus public coverage as well as variations in coverage among the top ten states ...