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  • Heart Health in the Latino Community 

    Colas, Cynthia; Arroyo, Liany (2010-09-29)
    Based on the literature review and outline prepared by Tara Hacker and Britt Rios-Ellis.  In 2007, the National Council of La Raza (NCLR) partnered with Merck/Schering-Plough Pharmaceuticals to create educational materials ...
  • The Hispanic Elderly: A Demographic Profile 

    Cubillos, Herminia L.; Prieto, Margarita M. (1987-10-05)
    Statistical data describing the Hispanic elderly are limited, and much of the available information has not been published. This report is an attempt to describe and discuss the socioeconomic status of the Hispanic elderly, ...
  • The Hispanic Elderly: The Community's Response 

    Prieto, Margarita M.; Cubillos, Herminia L. (1989-07-03)
    Through case study analysis of eight Hispanic-run programs serving the Hispanic elderly in seven states, including focus group sessions with program administrators and elderly clients, the Council has attempted to learn ...
  • Hispanic Poverty: How Much Does Immigration Explain? 

    Quiroz, Julie (NCLR, 1990-04-20)
    This report synthesizes research related to both immigration and poverty and outlines some preliminary public policy conclusions. Drawing primarily on immigration research, this paper focuses on the labor market relationship ...
  • Hispanics and Health Insurance Volume 2: Analysis and Policy Implications 

    Labor Council for Latin American Advancement; NCLR; Aguilera, Esther (1992-09-21)
    This volume is designed to further analyze the data presented in Volume 1: identifying the most critical gaps in coverage, including private versus public coverage as well as variations in coverage among the top ten states ...
  • Hispanics in the Labor Force: A Chartbook 

    NCLR (NCLR, 1993-12-05)
    By the year 2005, Hispanic representation in the labor force is expected to increase by 44%. This is the fastest growth projected for any group. It is driven by the overall population growth of the group — from both natural ...
  • Hispanics in the Workforce 

    Escutía, Marta M.; Prieto, Margarita M. (1987-02-23)
    This paper examines the available data on the status of Hispanics in the work force. Data on youthfulness, fertility rates, education, poverty, labor force participation rates, unemployment, earnings, and occupational ...
  • Hispanics in the Workforce Part III: Hispanic Youth 

    Escutia, Marta; Prieto, Margarita (NCLR, 1987-09-14)
    The severity of minority youth unemployment does not bode well for the future. Demographics will favor higher productivity and lower unemployment over the next 12 years as prime-age workers make up a larger share of the ...
  • Hispanics in the Workforce, Part II: Hispanic Women 

    Escutia, Marta; Prieto, Margarita M. (1988-07-01)
    This report analyzes the available data on Hispanic women in the work force. Demographic information is reviewed as background to an evaluation of the labor market status of Hispanic women. Emphasis is placed on employment ...
  • Historic Gains in Health Coverage for Hispanic Children in the Affordable Care Act's First Year 

    Schwartz, Sonya; Chester, Alisa; Lopez, Steven; Poppe, Samantha Vargas (2016-01-15)
    This joint report by Georgetown University’s Center for Children and Families and NCLR finds the health coverage gap is narrowing for Hispanic children but inequities remain.
  • Integrando Nuestra Visión: HIV/AIDS Prevention and Treatment 

    NCLR/CSULB Center (2014-04-17)
    The goals of this white paper are to: 1) theorize about the multilevel causes and contexts of HIV/AIDS in Latino communities; 2) use national HIV surveillance data to describe the breadth and depth of the pandemic, ...
  • Investing in Our Future: A Latino Policy Agenda for the 114th Congress 

    NCLR (2015-05-12)
    This publication outlines issues and legislation that affect the Latino community and recommendations for action. Solving these issues is critical not only to the well-being of the Latino community but to the future of our ...
  • It Made the Sacrifices Worth It: The Latino Experience in Higher Education 

    UnidosUS; UNC Center for Community Capital (UnidosUS, 2018-04-24)
    Both young and fast-growing, the Latino population in the U.S. is enrolling in higher education in increasing numbers. Over the past decade, the rate of enrollment in higher education for Latinos ages 18 to 24 years old ...
  • Joblessness Among Hispanic Youth: 1973–1981 

    Garcia, Philip; Hurtado, Aida (NCLR, 1982-01-18)
    Literature review and statement of problem submitted to the Hispanic Youth Employment Research Center The analysis presented within this paper represents an alternative response to a traditional literature review. It ...
  • Keeping the Dream Alive: Resource Guide for Undocumented Students 

    NCLR (2009-10-28)
    This handbook is designed for school counselors, student advocates, and secondary students, in particular those who are undocumented.  Although the legislative information provided varies by state, the generic academic, ...
  • Latino Early Literacy Development: Strategies for Lifelong Learning and Success 

    Irene Cuyun (2005-10-05)
    This collection of papers is a call to engage parents, early childhood educators, and community advocates in dialogue that affirmatively builds on a national movement for promoting early literacy—reading and language ...
  • Latino Education: Status and Prospects: State of Hispanic America 1998 

    Fisher, Maria (1998-10-29)
    This report is a series of snapshots which, taken together, form a portrait of the status of Hispanics in the educational system.
  • Latino Family Engagement in After-School Programs 

    Montes, Marcela; Elena, Maria; NCLR; Metropolitan Group (2008-08-11)
    Recognizing the opportutnies that after-school programs hold for disadvantaged students, NCLR conducted a national study to examine the landscape of after-school programming for Latino students.
  • Latino Financial Access and Inclusion in California 

    NCLR (2013-06-04)
    This report is based on a financial survey of Latinos in California. The report findings include use of financial products and services used by the community, experiences with financial institutions, and the use of technology ...
  • Latino Health Beliefs: A Guide for Health Care Professionals 

    NCLR; Karliner, Shelley; Crewe, Sandra Edmonds; Gonzalez, Yanira Cruz (NCLR, 1998-09)
    The purpose of this guide is to provide health care professionals in the United States with a basic introduction to the Hispanic/Latino community and some of their cultural beliefs and health care practices. This guide is ...