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  • Integrando Nuestra Visión: HIV/AIDS Prevention and Treatment 

    NCLR/CSULB Center (2014-04-17)
    The goals of this white paper are to: 1) theorize about the multilevel causes and contexts of HIV/AIDS in Latino communities; 2) use national HIV surveillance data to describe the breadth and depth of the pandemic, ...
  • Investing in Our Future: A Latino Policy Agenda for the 114th Congress 

    NCLR (2015-05-12)
    This publication outlines issues and legislation that affect the Latino community and recommendations for action. Solving these issues is critical not only to the well-being of the Latino community but to the future of our ...
  • It Made the Sacrifices Worth It: The Latino Experience in Higher Education 

    UnidosUS; UNC Center for Community Capital (UnidosUS, 2018-04-24)
    Both young and fast-growing, the Latino population in the U.S. is enrolling in higher education in increasing numbers. Over the past decade, the rate of enrollment in higher education for Latinos ages 18 to 24 years old ...
  • Joblessness Among Hispanic Youth: 1973–1981 

    Garcia, Philip; Hurtado, Aida (NCLR, 1982-01-18)
    Literature review and statement of problem submitted to the Hispanic Youth Employment Research Center The analysis presented within this paper represents an alternative response to a traditional literature review. It ...
  • Keeping the Dream Alive: Resource Guide for Undocumented Students 

    NCLR (2009-10-28)
    This handbook is designed for school counselors, student advocates, and secondary students, in particular those who are undocumented.  Although the legislative information provided varies by state, the generic academic, ...
  • Latino Early Literacy Development: Strategies for Lifelong Learning and Success 

    Irene Cuyun (2005-10-05)
    This collection of papers is a call to engage parents, early childhood educators, and community advocates in dialogue that affirmatively builds on a national movement for promoting early literacy—reading and language ...
  • Latino Education: Status and Prospects: State of Hispanic America 1998 

    Fisher, Maria (1998-10-29)
    This report is a series of snapshots which, taken together, form a portrait of the status of Hispanics in the educational system.
  • Latino Family Engagement in After-School Programs 

    Montes, Marcela; Elena, Maria; NCLR; Metropolitan Group (2008-08-11)
    Recognizing the opportutnies that after-school programs hold for disadvantaged students, NCLR conducted a national study to examine the landscape of after-school programming for Latino students.
  • Latino Financial Access and Inclusion in California 

    NCLR (2013-06-04)
    This report is based on a financial survey of Latinos in California. The report findings include use of financial products and services used by the community, experiences with financial institutions, and the use of technology ...
  • Latino Health Beliefs: A Guide for Health Care Professionals 

    NCLR; Karliner, Shelley; Crewe, Sandra Edmonds; Gonzalez, Yanira Cruz (NCLR, 1998-09)
    The purpose of this guide is to provide health care professionals in the United States with a basic introduction to the Hispanic/Latino community and some of their cultural beliefs and health care practices. This guide is ...
  • Latino Health, Georgia’s Future: Strategies for Improving the Health of Latinos in the State 

    Hernández, Natalie D.; Elba Arroyo, Liany (2008-08-30)
    This report by the National Council of La Raza found that there is a severe health information gap among Latinos in Georgia which is adversely affecting their health status and which could affect Georgia's public health.  ...
  • Latino Mental Health in the United States: A Community-Based Approach 

    Mercado-Crespo, Melissa Cristal; Bartolomei, Cristina; Hacker, Tara; Gianfortoni, Emilia; Arroyo, Liany Elba (2010-09-29)
    Since 2004, NCLR's Institute for Hispanic Health has engaged in multiple efforts pertaining to mental-health-related issues among Hispanics.  Through those efforts, it has demonstrated that community-based education programs ...
  • Latinos and Jobs: A Review of Ten States and Puerto Rico 

    Rodríguez, Eric; Martínez, Deirdre (NCLR, 1995-01-06)
    This research report is intended to be one step toward the examination of the experience of Latinos in JOBS nationally. Working within the constraints of limited national data on Hispanics in JOBS and AFDC, it profiles ...
  • Latinos and the Great Recession: 10 Years of Economic Loss and Recovery 

    UnidosUS (UnidosUS, 2019-03-18)
    Policies aimed at supporting working families in the last decade have enabled communities across the county to rebuild their lives after the economic downturn of the Great Recession. This analysis focuses on select demographic ...
  • Latinos in Construction: Breaking Barriers, Building Hope 

    NCLR (2005-11-04)
    The landscape of the American workforce has changed.  Today, Hispanics are the largest minority group in the U.S., accounting for 14% of the total U.S. population and a similar share of the total American labor force.  ...
  • Latinos in the Golden State: An Analysis of Economic and Demographic Trends 

    NCLR; Rocha, Renato (NCLR, 2016-09-02)
    This report uses state-level data to measure the economic status of Latinos in California and provides state and federal policy recommendations. The analysis finds that Latinos in California are more likely than other ...
  • Latinos in the Sunshine State: Building a Brighter Economic Future 

    Román, Stephanie (2016-05-24)
    This report uses state-level data to measure the economic status of Latinos in Florida and provides state and federal policy recommendations. The analysis finds that Latinos in Florida are more likely than other Floridians ...
  • Latinos’ Retirement Insecurity in the United States 

    Brown, Jennifer; Oakley, Diane (UnidosUS, 2018-12-03)
    The report examines the disparities in retirement readiness between working Latinos aged 21 to 64 and other racial and ethnic groups. It examines the following measures of retirement security: differences in access, ...
  • LEAP: A Model for Increasing Latino Civic Participation 

    NCLR; Crossroads Campaign Solutions, Inc. (2012-05-05)
    NCLR created the Latino Empowerment and Advocacy Program (LEAP) in 2001 to strengthen the nonpartisan foundation for greater Latino participation in the political process.
  • Learning In Context: Preparing Latino Workers for Careers and Continuing Education 

    Moore, Ph.D., Elizabeth; Oppenheim, Emma (2010-10-07)
    Adult education services, including education for those lacking basic literacy and numeracy, preparation for the high school equivalency diploma, and English-as-a-second-language courses, play a crucial role in bridging ...