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  • Teaching English Language Learners in Low-Incidence Settings 

    NCLR (2010-06-03)
    While it is not easy, there are several strategies that will help teachers craft lessons that challenge English-proficient students and provide support for students learning English.  Some strategies involve differentiating ...
  • The Foreclosure Generation 

    Bowdler, Janis; Quercia, Roberto; Smith, David Andrew (2010-02-16)
    The Long-Term Impact of the Housing Crisis on Latino Children and Families.  The National Council of La Raza (NCLR) partnered with the Center for Community Capital (CCC) at the University of North Carolina to conduct 25 ...
  • The Health of Latino Communities in the South: Challenges and Opportunities 

    Arroyo, Liany (2004-09-20)
    This report provides a first-ever look at the health care needs, challenges, and realities of newly emerging Latino communities in the southern U.S. Based on focus group research and primary interviews with health care ...
  • The Mainstreaming of Hate 

    Joge, Carmen T.; Pérez, Sonia M. (2004-05-28)
    This report represents one of the first efforts to document what appears to be a growing pattern of harassment, hate violence, and law enforcement abuse against Hispanics.  This actual or potential violence cannot be ...
  • The Social Security Program and Reform: A Latino Perspective 

    Grillo-Chope, Luisa; Rodriguez, Eric (2005-06-15)
    Given the importance of social insurance, retirement savings, and wealth-building to Latinos, NCLR is committed to reviewing the policy arguments, weighing the options, and making an honest assessment of reform plans on ...
  • The Wrong Approach: State Anti-Immigration Legislation in 2011 

    Lacayo, A. Elena; NCLR (2012-01-10)
    On April 23, 2010, Arizona Governor Jan Brewer signed into law SB 1070, the nation's most punitive immigration legislation, placing anti-immigrant initiatives into the national spotlight alongside herself and the bill's ...
  • Toward a Common Future: Latino Teens and Adults Speak Out 

    The National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy; NCLR (2009-05-19)
    This survey was conducted to enhance the growing body of research on the beliefs and attitudes of Latinos regarding teen relationships, sexual activity, and related issues.
  • Toward A More Equitable Future: The Trends and Challenges Facing America's Latino Children 

    Foxen, Patricia; Mather, Mark (NCLR, 2016-09-29)
    Toward A More Equitable Future: The Trends and Challenges Facing America's Latino Children was produced by the National Council of La Raza (NCLR) and the Population Reference Bureau (PRB). This data book offers an overview ...
  • Twenty-Two Hispanic Leaders Discuss Poverty 

    Quiroz, Julia Teresa (1990-11-02)
    Poverty has been a factor in virtually every Hispanic issue, from education to community development, from housing to civil rights. However, there is little documentation of the ways Hispanics have worked to end poverty, ...
  • U.S. Hispanic Demographic Profile: Developments, Implications, and Challenges 

    Pérez, Sonia M.; Rodríguez, Eric (NCLR, 1998-04-01)
    An assessment of the social and economic status of the U.S. Hispanic population suggests that, as the 20th century comes to a close, Latinos are at a critical juncture. There now exist at least 25 to 30 years of solid data, ...
  • U.S. Latino Children: Status Report 

    Pérez, Sonia M. (2000-08-28)
    This paper offers a \snapshot\ of status and trend data of several issues affecting U.S. Latino youth and a review of why this matters to the nation; it also points to some initiatives that can make a difference.
  • Unlocking the Golden Door: Hispanics and the Citizenship Process 

    Young, Wendy A. (1991-07-01)
    Naturalization is the process by which a person born outside the United States becomes a U.S. citizen. In a nation of immigrants, it is the most important step that an immigrant can take to establish ties with the United ...
  • Untangling the Oklahoma Taxpayer and Citizen Protection Act: Consequences for Children and Families 

    Koralek, Robin; Capps, Randy; Pedroza, John (2009-10-21)
    This collaboration between NCLR and the Urban Institute details a recent piece of anti-immigrant legislation passed in Oklahoma and provides an in-depth look at its implementation and impact on Latino children and families.  ...
  • Untapped Potential: A Look at Hispanic Women in the U.S. 

    Pérez, Sonia M.; Rodríguez, Eric (NCLR, 1996-02-01)
    This report represents an effort to synthesize existing data and information on the status of Latina women, as well as to highlight the areas of concerns that researchers, policy makers, and advocates should address. In ...
  • We Needed the Work: Latino Worker Voices in the New Economy 

    NCLR (2011-05-24)
    This publication is a collection of stories told to NCLR researchers by Latinos working in low-wage jobs throughout metropolitan Washington, DC.  They illustrate the vulnerability and lack of recourse for workers in the ...
  • Welfare Reform Implementation in Puerto Rico: A Status Report 

    Ramírez, Ph.D., Norma Boujouen (2001-04-01)
    With the five-year time limit for receipt of public assistance approaching and the state of the Puerto Rico economy showing signs of a significant slowdown, the National Council of La Raza (NCLR) has undertaken a review ...