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  • 2017 Latino Priorities, American Values: A Latino Policy Agenda for the 115th Congress 

    UnidosUS; Vargas Poppe, Samantha; Collins, Amelia (NCLR, 2017-07-10)
    This document presents UnidosUS's federal policy priorities for the 115th Congress. It outlines broad reforms that would bolster opportunities for Latinos across a range of areas, including civil rights, economic issues, ...
  • America’s Invisible Children: Latino Youth and the Failure of Justice 

    NCLR; Campaign for Youth Justice (2009-05-20)
    Latino youth are treated more harshly by the justice system than white youth, for the same offenses, at all stages in the justice system including police stops, arrests, detention, waiver to the adult criminal justice ...
  • Fractures in the Foundation: Chapter 1 

    Singley, Catherine (2009-08-31)
    Chapter 1:  Today's Latino Workforce:  Diverse and Growing. As the Hispanic workforce continues to grow, their labor market contributions become increasingly important to the economy as a whole; by 2050, it is expected ...
  • Fractures in the Foundation: Chapter 3 

    Singley, Catherine (2009-08-31)
    Chapter 3:  Troubling Indicators of Job Quality.  Although individual workers may value one aspect of their job over another, policymakers have generally prioritized wages, benefits, and working conditions as the core ...
  • Fractures in the Foundation: Chapter 4 

    Singley, Catherine (2009-08-31)
    Chapter 4:  The Erosion of Job Quality:  An Historic Perspective.  Disparities in wages, benefits, and working conditions are even more pronounced for Hispanic immigrants, who make up 53.8% of the Latino workforce.
  • Fractures in the Foundation: Chapter 6 

    Singley, Catherine (2009-08-31)
    Chapter 6: Rebuilding Job Quality for Latinos and All Workers.  As this report has shown, the Latino workforce as a whole faces immense disparities in job quality compared to their peers.  Indeed, much consideration and ...
  • Fractures in the Foundation: Executive Summary 

    Singley, Catherine (2009-09-01)
    Executive summary of the report Fractures in the Foundation:  The Latino Worker's Experience in an Era of Declining Job Quality.
  • Fractures in the Foundation: The Latino Worker’s Experience in an Era of Declining Job Quality 

    Singley, Catherine (2009-09-01)
    Based on an in-depth analysis of death on the job, wages, and employer-based benefits, this report exposes the severe erosion of job quality in America.  NCLR calls on Congress and the U.S. Department of Labor to restore ...
  • Investing in Our Future: A Latino Policy Agenda for the 114th Congress 

    NCLR (2015-05-12)
    This publication outlines issues and legislation that affect the Latino community and recommendations for action. Solving these issues is critical not only to the well-being of the Latino community but to the future of our ...
  • Speaking Out: Latino Youth on Discrimination in the United States 

    Foxen, Patricia; NCLR (2010-10-21)
    This study shows that Latino youth in the U.S. experience pervasive stereotyping based on assumptions about their ethnicity. This report looks at the perceptions and experiences of Latino teenagers in settings as varied ...