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  • Jeopardizing Hispanic Homeownership: Predatory Practices in the Homebuying Market 

    Janis Bowdler (2005-05-25)
    For many American families, homeownership is the most important vehicle for building wealth.  This is especially true for Latinos, whose wealth levels lag behind those of non-Hispanic Whites by more than ten to one, which ...
  • Latino Credit Card Use: Debt Trap or Ticket to Prosperity? 

    Ibarra, Beatriz; Rodriguez, Eric (2007-02-15)
    Moving Latino families into the ranks of the American middle class will undoubtedly entail more Hispanic workers having access to and using credit cards.  It is imperative that policy-makers and experts have a better ...
  • Latino Voters and the 2020 Election: Part 2: Issues, Parties, and Candidates 

    UnidosUS (UnidosUS, 2020-09-28)
    The Latino community is suffering a disproportionate impact from COVID-19, and response to the pandemic has become the top issue for Hispanic voters. This brief, the second of a three-part series, takes a closer look at ...
  • Latino Voters and the 2020 Election Part 3: The Path to the Voting Booth 

    UnidosUS (UnidosUS, 2020-10-29)
    This brief, the third of a three-part series, looks at trends in Latino voters’ use of alternative voting methods, attitudes toward vote-by-mail (VBM) in light of the pandemic and attempts to seed distrust in that method, ...
  • Latino Voters and the 2020 Election: Part 1: Numbers, Trends, and Influence 

    UnidosUS (UnidosUS, 2020-07-26)
    This brief, the first of a three-part series, takes a closer look at the makeup, distribution, and participation trends of the Latino electorate, as well as its potential impact in select races. Parts two and three in this ...
  • Making Citizenship Affordable for All 

    Benner, Victoria (2016-06-27)
    This brief first describes USCIS’s fee review process to explain how the fee is established, and explores the effect of the fee on naturalization rates. The brief will provide related recommendations for the administration ...
  • Medicaid Expansion in Florida: A Latino Perspective 

    Chaurand, Enrique (2014-05-22)
    This policy brief highlights current failure to expand Medicaid in Florida under the Affordable Care Act (ACA) has had a disparate, adverse impact on the health of the Latino community.
  • Pension Coverage: A Missing Step in the Wealth-Building Ladder for Latinos 

    Eric Rodriguez and Deirdre Martinez (2004-03-29)
    This issue brief presents data and summarizes research on pension coverage and the current public policy debate, and highlights promising strategies or measures that could narrow the pension coverage and wealth gaps between ...
  • Preparing Young Latino Children for School Success: Best Practices in Assessments 

    Beltrán, Erika; NCLR (2012-08-23)
    This policy brief highlights the importance of developing effective assessments for young ELLs, highlights a best practice in the field, and concludes with policy recommendations which highlight how to bring effective ...
  • Preparing Young Latino Children for School Success: Best Practices in Family Engagement 

    Beltrán, Erika; NCLR (2012-08-23)
    This policy brief discusses the opportunities and challenges associated with family engagement strategies, highlights a best practice in the field, and concludes with policy recommendations for bringing these programs to scale.
  • Preparing Young Latino Children for School Success: Best Practices in Professional Development 

    Hopper, Karen; NCLR (2012-08-23)
    This policy brief examines the importance of professional development as it applies to high-quality instruction for young Latino and ELL students and how it can be provided within the context of current workforce constraints.
  • Readiness to Implement the Affordable Care Act in the Latino Community 

    McDonough, Manuela; Senerchia, Susannah (NCLR); Bateman, Clancey; Barron, Christine; Vega, Rodolfo; Maxwell, Jim (JSI) (2014-08-18)
    Readiness to Implement the Affordable Care Act in the Latino Community Among Health Centers and Community-Based Organizations Community health centers (CHCs) and community-based organizations (CBOs) are well-suited to ...
  • Reducing Poverty for Latino Seniors 

    Grillo-Chope, Luisa; NCLR (2009-02-05)
    The importance of Social Security to Latinos cannot be ignored:  in 2004, 43% of older Hispanics who received Social Security relied on it as their sole source of income.  This issue brief provides background on the Social ...
  • Safe Roads, Safe Communities: Immigrants and State Driver’s License Requirements 

    Michele L.Waslin, Ph.D. (2002-05-29)
    This issue brief explores current federal and state driver's license (DL) requirements, current restrictive proposals, NCLR's DL principles, arguments in favor of increased accessibility, and steps that can be taken to ...
  • Struggling to Stay Home: Latino Renters in the COVID-19 Pandemic 

    UnidosUS (UnidosUS, 2020-09-30)
    In this issue brief, UnidosUS examines the lasting effects of systemic housing discrimination on communities of color, including disparities in rent burdens and housing affordability. This brief also illustrates a vivid ...
  • TANF Implementation in Puerto Rico: A Summary of Data on Leavers 

    Joely B. Roman Oquendo and Sonia M. Pérez (2004-05-29)
    This issue brief summarizes the most recent data regarding TANF implentation in Puerto Rico, reviews data on the economic status of former TANF recipients, and examines new demographic data on former TANF participants.  ...
  • The Impact of Section 287(g) of the Immigration and Nationality Act on the Latino Community 

    Lacayo, A. Elena; NCLR (2010-08-12)
    The recent signing of Arizona SB 1070 and subsequent reactions to the law have brought significant attention to the dangers of state-level immigration enforcement and the urgent need for comprehensive federal immigration ...
  • The Latino Vote in the 90s 

    Carmen T. Joge (2000-10-29)
    In 1996, Hispanics were the only group of American voters whose turnout at the polls increased.  In 1998, Hispanic voters provided the margin of victory in races across the country, especially in California and New York.  ...
  • The No Child Left Behind Act 

    Raul González (2002-07-29)
    This issue brief examines how the No Child Left Behind Act may impact Latino students, families, and communities.  It paints a broad picture of what state and local educators must consider as they attempt to implement this ...
  • Welfare Reform, TANF Caseload Changes, and Latinos: A Preliminary Assessment 

    Eric Rodriguez and Kaydee Kirk (2000-09-01)
    This issue brief highlights the changes in TANF caseloads for Hispanic women and children nationwide, offers a preliminary assessment of implementation thus far, and reviews the caseload status in Puerto Rico and the three ...