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  • Hispanic Families and The Earned Income Tax Credit 

    Eric Rodriguez; Sandra Gallardo (2000-04-29)
    This issue brief is intended to bring attention to the importance of the EITC to Hispanic and other low-wage workers and outline several important steps toward improving the credit for families.  The issue brief provides ...
  • Latino Credit Card Use: Debt Trap or Ticket to Prosperity? 

    Ibarra, Beatriz; Rodriguez, Eric (2007-02-15)
    Moving Latino families into the ranks of the American middle class will undoubtedly entail more Hispanic workers having access to and using credit cards.  It is imperative that policy-makers and experts have a better ...
  • Pension Coverage: A Missing Step in the Wealth-Building Ladder for Latinos 

    Eric Rodriguez and Deirdre Martinez (2004-03-29)
    This issue brief presents data and summarizes research on pension coverage and the current public policy debate, and highlights promising strategies or measures that could narrow the pension coverage and wealth gaps between ...