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  • Diversity in the Workplace: Barriers and Opportunities from an Hispanic Perspective 

    McKay, Emily Gantz (1991-07-12)
    A summary analysis and chartbook of statistics.
  • Latinos and the Federal Criminal Justice System 

    Angela M. Arboleda (2002-07-29)
    A lack of adequate education, high poverty, and the need for healthy recreational activities contribute to overrepresentation of Hispanic Americans at all stages of the criminal justice system.
  • The Latino Workforce 

    Sean Thomas-Breitfeld (2003-07-29)
    Although Latinos constitute a significant and growing share of the country's workforce, they regularly face higher rates of povery, unemployment, and low incomes.
  • Latinos and the Texas Criminal Justice System 

    Michael J. Coyle (2003-08-01)
    This brief analyzes the most recent data related to Latinos and the criminal justice system in Texas, and underscores the disparities that exist between Latinos and others in terms of incarceration, release rates, and other ...
  • Children in Puerto Rico 

    Nayda I. Rivera-Hernández (2003-11-11)
    This statistical brief draws on the most recent data, research, and analysis from various sources, including the U.S. Census Bureau, and examines data on population, family structure, poverty, education, and health issues, ...
  • Hispanic Health in California, March 2002 

    Cristina Huezo (2004-06-02)
    The growing presence of Hispanics in the state has not been accompanied by an equivalent increase in the quality of, and access to, health care for this population.  Lack of health insurance, even for working Latino families, ...
  • Hispanic Perspectives (NCLR/Zogby Poll) 

    John Zogby; John Bruce; Rebecca Wittman; Joe Zogby (2004-06-23)
    Across a multitude of issues, there is surprising uniformity of response among Hispanic adults.  On the whole, the Hispanic community mirrors the general attitudes of the adult national population overall.
  • 2004 KIDS COUNT – Puerto Rico Data Book 

    Sonia M. Pérez; Nayda I. Rivera-Hernández (2004-08-02)
    Findings of an 18-month study on the status of children in Puerto Rico, released by the National Council of La Raza (NCLR) as part of its KIDS COUNT - Puerto Rico Project, underscore the need for the Island to reduce teenage ...
  • Nuestros niños cuentan – Puerto Rico Libro de Datos 2004 

    Sonia M. Pérez; Nayda I. Rivera-Hernández (2004-08-02)
    Los resultados de un estudio de 18 meses sobre el estado de la niñez en Puerto Rico, publicado por el Consejo Nacional de La Raza (NCLR, por sus siglas en inglés) como parte de su proyecto Nuestros niños cuentan - Puerto ...
  • Hispanic Housing and Homeownership 

    Janis Bowdler (2004-08-05)
    Though Hispanic homeownership levels have increased, they still lag significantly behind that of White families.  Stagnant and rising levels of discrimination and lack of formal relationships with financial institutions ...
  • Hispanic Women at Work 

    Megan Elliott (2005-07-29)
    Considering Latinas' contributions to the economic well-being of the Hispanic community, and their current and growing contributions to the U.S. economy, it is critical to understand the key factors and barriers that shape ...
  • Latinos in Georgia: A Closer Look 

    Liany Arroyo; Natalie Hernandez (2005-10-31)
    Responding to concerns over the lack of data on Georgia's fastest-growing community, the National Council of La Raza (NCLR) released \ Latinos in Georgia: A Closer Look,\ a demographic analysis of Georgia's Latino community, ...
  • Hispanic Education in the United States 

    Kohler, Adriana D.; Lazarin, Melissa (2007-01-01)
  • The Latino Electorate: Profiles and Trends 

    Daniels, Lindsay; Martinez De Castro, Clarissa (2007-06-04)
    This statistical brief, the first in a series, provides a profile of the Latino vote, an examination of Latino voting behavior in past presidential elections and the 2006 midterm election, and recommendations for stakeholders ...
  • Missing Out: Latino Students in America’s Schools 

    Dolan, Sarah (2009-04-29)
    Missing Out: Latino Students in America's Schools is a statistical snapshot that provides information on a student population whose academic outcomes will define the success of our public education system and indicate ...
  • Insecure Retirements: Latino Participation in 401(k) Plans 

    Miranda, Leticia (2009-12-08)
    Insecure Retirements: Latino Participation in 401(k) Plans explains that, even in the best of times, 401(k) employer-sponsored retirement plans do not serve Latino workers well. Only one-third of Latinos work for companies ...
  • 2010 KIDS COUNT Data Book 

    The Annie E. Casey Foundation (2010-06-28)
    For 21 years, the Annie E. Casey Foundation has published an annual KIDS COUNT Data Book, compiling the best data available on children and families in our nation and ranking every state on the well-being of its kids. We ...
  • NUESTROS NIÑOS CUENTAN – Puerto Rico Libro de Datos 2010 

    Rivera-Hernández, Nayda; Andino-Ortiz, Verónica L.; NCLR (2011-03-02)
    El libro de datos \ NUESTROS NIÑOS CUENTAN - Puerto Rico Libro de Datos 2010\ es un esfuerzo por recopilar y analizar anualmente los datos relacionados con los niños y niñas a fin de mejorar el bienestar de la juventud ...
  • 2010 KIDS COUNT – Puerto Rico Data Book 

    Rivera-Hernández, Nayda; Andino-Ortiz, Verónica L.; NCLR (2011-03-02)
    The 2010 KIDS COUNT - Puerto Rico Data Book is an effort to collect and analyze child-focused data every year with the purpose of improving the well-being of Puerto Rico's youth.  It provides statistical information on the ...
  • The Role of Medicare in Hispanics’ Health Coverage 

    Ryan, Kara D.; NCLR (2012-01-26)
    This brief provides a closer look at the ways in which Medicare serves the Latino population at both the national and state levels.