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  • Debt, Doubt, and Dreams: Understanding the Latino College Completion Gap 

    UnidosUS; The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UnidosUS, 2020-11-18)
    Researchers at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill teamed up with UnidosUS to explore whether and how our debt-driven higher education system makes it difficult for students to finish a college program or degree. ...
  • Letter for Supplemental Funding for English Learners/Title III in Next COVID Relief Package 

    UnidosUS (UnidosUS, 2020-11-17)
    UnidosUS and allied organizations sent a letter urging supplemental funding for instruction and other supports for English learners (ELs) in the next COVID-19 relief package.
  • Outreach and Recruitment Toolkit: UnidosUS Workforce Development Programs 

    UnidosUS (UnidosUS, 2020-11-17)
    UnidosUS designed this toolkit to share general guidance and some examples of the ways that nonprofit organizations can outreach to prospective adult participants for enrollment in job readiness and workforce development ...
  • California Latino Students & English Learners Fast Facts 2020-21 

    UnidosUS (UnidosUS, 2020-11-06)
    California has the largest Latino population in the United States. However, its teachers aren’t representative of the demographic and English learner students (ELs) still have dropout rates that hover over 30%. This fact ...
  • Latino Jobs Report: Latino Unemployment Rate Remains High at 8.8% 

    UnidosUS (UnidosUS, 2020-11-06)
    The October Latino jobs report takes an in-depth look at the possible long-term impacts of the COVID-19 economic crisis on Latino workers, specifically those whose jobs have been permanently lost. With over half of all ...
  • Latino Voters in the 2020 Election National Survey Results 

    UnidosUS (UnidosUS, 2020-11-05)
    Findings of the 2020 American Election Eve Poll with a specific focus on the 2020 vote choices and motivations of Latino/Latinx voters. More than 5,000 Latino voters were polled as part of the national sample, as well as ...
  • Arizona Deep Dive in the 2020 Election 

    UnidosUS; Latino Decisions (UnidosUS, 2020-11-05)
    Findings of the 2020 American Election Eve Poll with a specific focus on survey results from the American Indian and Latino oversamples of Arizona voters. Poll was conducted by Latino Decisions.
  • UnidosUS/Univision National Poll of Latino Voters 

    UnidosUS; Univision News; SOMOS (UnidosUS, 2020-10-30)
    Findings of an October 2020 poll of Latino voters, a survey that interviewed a representative sample of all Latino registered voters nationwide. The National Latino Voter Poll was commissioned through a partnership between ...
  • Affordable Care Act Threatened: What’s at Stake for Latinos 

    UnidosUS (UnidosUS, 2020-10-30)
    The Affordable Care Act remains a critical pathway to coverage for Latinos and remains in effect until a ruling is delivered. This fact sheet identifies the harms the Latino community would face if the ACA is struck down.
  • Latino Voters and the 2020 Election Part 3: The Path to the Voting Booth 

    UnidosUS (UnidosUS, 2020-10-29)
    This brief, the third of a three-part series, looks at trends in Latino voters’ use of alternative voting methods, attitudes toward vote-by-mail (VBM) in light of the pandemic and attempts to seed distrust in that method, ...
  • COVID-19 and its Impact on Latino Children’s Health and Learning 

    UnidosUS (UnidosUS, 2020-10-28)
    The COVID-19 pandemic has had a profound effect on Latino children’s health and learning. This fact sheet examines the specific impact on Latino children’s well-being and ability to learn and provides steps to keep children ...
  • Letter to Florida Governor DeSantis on Reemployment Assistance 

    UnidosUS (UnidosUS, 2020-10-28)
    UnidosUS and Latino-serving organizations across the state of Florida call on state leadership to take swift action to improve Florida’s Reemployment Assistance system. A recent poll by UnidosUS on Latino unemployment, ...
  • Preparing Latinx Workers for Success 

    UnidosUS (UnidosUS, 2020-10-23)
    In June 2020, UnidosUS, in partnership with nine Affiliates and grantees, launched a research project that aimed to understand the hiring needs of local and national employers and how UnidosUS and its Affiliates could best ...
  • Health Issues and Priorities: Latino Voters in the 2020 Electorate 

    UnidosUS; Latino Decisions (UnidosUS, 2020-10-14)
    Findings of a nationwide health poll of Latino voters. The poll was conducted on behalf of UnidosUS by Latino Decisions from October 3-10 with 1,304 Latino registered voters.
  • Latino Jobs Report: Latino Unemployment Rate Remains High at 10.3% 

    UnidosUS (UnidosUS, 2020-10-02)
    The September Latino jobs report highlights the devastating impact of coronavirus related job and income loss on Latinos who rent their homes. Latinos are disproportionately represented in low-wage sectors, where employees ...
  • Struggling to Stay Home: Latino Renters in the COVID-19 Pandemic 

    UnidosUS (UnidosUS, 2020-09-30)
    In this issue brief, UnidosUS examines the lasting effects of systemic housing discrimination on communities of color, including disparities in rent burdens and housing affordability. This brief also illustrates a vivid ...
  • Latino Voters and the 2020 Election: Part 2: Issues, Parties, and Candidates 

    UnidosUS (UnidosUS, 2020-09-28)
    The Latino community is suffering a disproportionate impact from COVID-19, and response to the pandemic has become the top issue for Hispanic voters. This brief, the second of a three-part series, takes a closer look at ...
  • National Higher Education 

    UnidosUS (UnidosUS, 2020-09-25)
    Though Latinos are enrolling in postsecondary programs in record numbers, they still complete college at rates lower than their White counterparts. Not only are Latinos facing a widening college completion gap, but also a ...
  • Latino Child Uninsured Rates by Congressional District, 2018 

    UnidosUS; Georgetown University of Health Policy Institute (UnidosUS, 2020-09-22)
    Counties and Congressional districts with large Latino child populations are more likely to have large numbers of uninsured Latino children, but state and local policies have an impact on the coverage rates.
  • Student Loan Debt in California: Survey of Current and Former Student Borrowers 

    UnidosUS; Latino Decisions (UnidosUS, 2020-09-21)
    The CA student debt poll conducted by Latino Decisions, paints a bleak picture for former and current Latino college borrowers reeling from the financial shocks of COVID-19. The effects of the fast-moving crisis have been ...